Thursday, March 3, 2011

NYC Part 1: The Vital Movement at The Recoup Lounge

Let me give you a little background on this show: I was tired. I mean, dog tired. And grumpy. I didn't want to go; I just wanted to be a lazy butt and watch Law & Order in my pajamas. But what was I in NYC for after all? So my friend Monica and I trekked over to the Lower East Side, knowing that there would be a keyboard waiting for me.

Except for tonight.

Tonight, the regular keyboardist was unable to make it, and so when I arrived, I had nothing but a mic. There was a live DJ, and we made an attempt to create a karaoke track out of the tracks on my album, but no dice. Finally, the lovely and talented Miles Thomas approached me with another option: another mixer had arrived with a two-octave keyboard and a laptop. I decided to give it a shot, and this was the result.

Other highlights of the evening included me joining in the Cipher Jam and freestyle-singing over some live samples. I had never tried anything like it before, and it was a blast. Additionally, a rapper got up and used his mic time to hit on me in his rap. Probably the most creative way anyone has ever come on to me. (Sadly, I don't have video of it, though.)

Special thanks to Alexis Williams ("Lex") of Golden Eye Video Production who graciously captured this crazy moment. Check out her stuff, especially her work for fabulous NYC artist Renee Dion.

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